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DBL Round One Recap

6 oktober 2020

I have never claimed to possess foresight or any such powers and this past week proves that I do not possess the talent to ever become a fortune teller. Round One of the DBL went as advertised in some ways but for the most part was unpredictable. Let’s analyze what happened this past weekend.


Apollo Amsterdam 53 -- 74 Feyenoord Rotterdam

I knew going into this game that Apollo was going to be much more improved from last season. And for the first three quarters they proved me right. This was a very defensive focused back and forth game, very entertaining. But in the end Feyenoord took control of the 4th quarter, outscoring Apollo 20-5.

Arunas Mikalauskas led the way for Feyenoord with 18 points, whilst Floris Versteeg was the leading scorer for Apollo with 14.

Den Helder Suns 104 -- 102 ZZ Leiden

Arguably the most exciting game from the weekend, Den Helder started off strong dominating Leiden in the first quarter. But Leiden crawled back, eventually tying it all up by the end of the 3rd, only for Den Helder to surge back. A clutch 3 from Nino Gorissen sealed a tight win for Den Helder, and I honestly had to check my heart rate afterwards, it was that exciting. Den Helder as a team shot 61% from behind the arc, led by Stan van den Elzen shooting 6-8 from 3 and ending with 26 points. ZZ Leiden was led by Desure Tyrone Buie with 22 points.

Donar Groningen 124 -- 64 Almere Sailors

This was a rough one for Almere, a brand new team with a sick coach going into Groningen to play a dangerous club in Donar. It was over for Almere very quickly, but I give a lot of credit to the Sailors, they fought and played hard despite the odds being stacked against them. Heck they as a team scored more points than Apollo Amsterdam and BAL did this round. Sailors fans just need to be patient, they’ll be ok. Donar meanwhile picked up where they left off in the preseason with a highly efficient offense and great defense. How they preform against Heroes this upcoming week will be an indication of their chances to reclaim the title.

Donar was led by Willem Brandwijk, the transfer from Feyenoord, with 27 points. Almere’s top scorers were Dante Lombardi and Mike Osepa, each with 13 points.

BAL Weert 59 -- 91 Yoast United

This game did not go as anyone expected it to. No one really knew what to expect from Yoast United coming into their first season, but needless to say they impressed. Yoast got off to a shaky start but key performances from Kaleb Warner and Keime Helfrich coming off the bench were able to help Yoast pick up momentum in the 2nd quarter and never look back. BAL was expected to have some growing pains with their usual young roster, but this was a wake up call for the team. Coach Varagic has his work cut out for him with this squad.

Yoast had Kaleb Warner lead the way with 27 points, whilst Quatarrius Wilson had 13 points as BAL’s leading scorer.

Aris Leeuwarden 81 -- 63 The Hague Royals

This went about as advertised. Aris was good, The Hague was solid but not great. It was a good game, nothing too crazy. Aris gets a good win to start, The Hague shows some promise, went about as well as you could hope if you're a fan of either team.

Cedric DeDecker and Thomas Smallwood both lead the way for Aris with 18 each. Eric Kibi had 16 to lead the scoring for The Hague.


Landstede Hammers 78 -- 84 Heroes Den Bosch

The game of the week was as exciting as you could hope for. A back and forth duel that had two excellent teams battling to get their season off on the right foot. In the end Miha Lapornik took over, scoring 32 points and overcoming a balanced Hammers attack to pull away in the 4th quarter. Heroes now have the spotlight on them as they head to play Donar next week, and Donar will be prepared to focus on stopping Lapornik at all costs.

Lapornik of course led all scorers with 32, top scorer for the Hammers was Jhonathan Dunn with 24.

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